About Us

Farm StandCrows Pass Farm is owned and operated by David and Tina Barnes. We are located in the heart of Southern California's Wine Country in Temecula, CA. Named for the crows that pass over each autumn evening as they travel between vineyards to roost, the farm began in 1991 with a fistful of strawberry plants, a few carrots, peas and a dependable truck. We learned the ropes participating in Southland farmer's markets where we came to specialize in chef-direct relationships. The farm currently rotates approximately 15 acres, with a total of 40 acres planned for the future. We produce year round crops with seasonal specialties. Favorites include apples, figs and stone fruit. Highly seasonal items prized during their short season are strawberries, asparagus and mulberries. We have been growing organically since the beginning, with flavor as our top priority.

The temperate climate of Southern California affords us the opportunity to produce crops year-round and the Temecula Valley is fortunate to benefit from its proximity to both the desert and the ocean which create long, sunny days with cooling ocean breezes. We are able to utilize this ideal climate in accordance with each season's distinctive opportunities. Neighboring horse ranches deliver our building block of compost we carefully develop to create a living soil to nourish our plants and combat pests. We have enjoyed finding like growing conditions with other parts of the world and have added their best successes to our crops, providing specialty varieties such as Israeli melons, Spanish onions, vintage strawberries and Japanese apples to name a few. The attention to seasonality, soil management and hard work make a huge difference in flavor and quality.

We are currently expanding our network of other local farms that we work with. Each of our unique microclimates allows us to specialize and coordinate our crop availability. As a result, we are beginning to increase our distribution from San Diego into Los Angeles and Orange County. As we have grown our list of specialty items and distribution territory, we have also returned to our roots by participating in the vibrant Old Town Temecula Farmers Market. In doing this, we have been able to serve our own community of the Temecula Valley and share our passion and knowledge with various schools and organizations. We also hope to build an educational farm center that teaches sustainable farming techniques and celebrates the taste and quality of food grown with care. Your finest meals and fresh snacks begin here!